Who I Am


Brad Hobbs:

William Bradford Hobbs – Born in Gainsville GA, lived in Clarkesville then Moultrie… Now Atlanta – Lilburn specifically. Married to Cary, formerly Cary Randolph Boyd from Columbia SC. Will and Boyd are sons. Lana is the daughter in law. I work at Southern Company where I am in charge of Strategic Finance.

What I Do


I enjoy hanging out with Cary. – and any family/set of friends who happen to be in town.

Going to “the lake”, where we spend a lot of time.  The lake house seems to require constant improvement.

Hunting quail, pheasant, chukka.

Shooting shotguns – skeet, sporting clays. Pistols and revolvers – .22 up to .44Mag.

Boating – Cary and I grew up on water.  We spend time on it still.

Wakesurfing – this is our latest water sport.  Cary surfed, so it’s easy for her.  We did slalom, tube, ski on boards, plywood disks, etc.  When wakeboarding came along, we did that.  Now its surfing behind a boat with about 1200 to 2000 pounds of water in the back of the boat…

SCUBA is also something that we enjoy, we are NITROX certified and have our advanced Certificates.  We have done some springs in FL, but the Caribbean is the best.  Bonaire is great.

Where You Can Find Me








Email: brad@wbhobbs.com

Twitter: wbhobbs

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